XRPD & SAXS Methodology Projects at DANNALAB

SAXS characterisation of proteins

  • - "X-Ray methodology for studying protein aggregation"*

Analytical methods and devices:

  • - Analytical software suite for Small Angle X-Ray Scattering**,***;
  • - System with the combined XRPD-SAXS capabilities (US7542547)**;
  • - Methodology for the correction of instrumental aberrations (US7516031)**;
  • - Analytical methodology to identify counterfeit pharmaceuticals (US7756248)**;
  • - X-Ray instrumentation-related (US6444993, US6704390, others pending)**;

New reference standards for nanoparticles

These multi-site studies are targeting the development of new SRM's****

* cooperation with University of Twente
** contract with Malvern Panalytical B.V.
*** cooperation with EMBL
**** contract with IRMM JRC