Characterization of Nanoparticles with SAXS

At DANNALAB we offer a range of analytical services devoted to the identification and characterization of nanoparticles - both in solid and liquid matrices.

The following properties may be investigated using our methodologies:

- Confirmation of the presence of nanoparticles in a matrix (including complex biological matrices)
- Investigation of agglomeration effects (PMMA/SiO2 test case)
- Determination of shape and geometrical invariants (for example, the radius of gyration)
- Determination of the inner structure of nanoparticles
- Determination of specific surfaces for nanoporous materials(Test Case)
- Determination of particle size and particle size distribution (FD100 test case here, certificate of analysis [CoA], complete certification report)

You can download an article describing the basics of SAXS methodology for characterization of nanoparticles.