XRPD and SAXS for Pharmaceutical Patents

DANNALAB offers services related to pharmaceutical patents.

To Secure a Patent for Your New Solid Form or Formulation-

We offer assistance in finding unique patentable XRPD / SAXS physico-chemical properties for small-molecule drugs and biopolymers to include in claims and specifications.

For Existing Patents with XRPD and SAXS Content-

We offer research regarding prior art, clearance and invalidation, scientific content analysis, digitization of images and image data analysis.

For Existing Drug Products-

We offer XRPD- and SAXS- related patent infringement tests, along with the analysis of actual substances to compare against the patent specifications. If you suspect that one of your competitor's products is infringing your intellectual property rights, we can run appropriate tests and provide the physical evidence if this is indeed the case. We may also assist with the testing of product identity. At DANNALAB, we undertake the development of analytical methods to identify counterfeits. A few relevant test cases can be consulted here.

If you are an IP professional or a pharmaceutical scientist dealing with patents, please contact us for additional information.